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(Belesemo Trad x Farweyna by Antezyn Skowronek)
1991 to 2018
Belesemo Image was a fabulous Belesemo Trad son whose foals proved the strength of his CMK heritage. Standing 15.2 hands with the "look of Trad", he possessed an old line CMK/Davenport pedigree that featured close-up breeding with wonderful old time lineage. At his passing, he might have been the last offspring of a direct Antezeyn Skowronek daughter. Image added great strength to our program with his size, trot and beautiful liver chestnut coloring. He was a great sire with 27 foals to his credit and he perpetuated the Trad legacy. His foals inherited his size and substance and are receiving rave reviews from their owners.

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Belesemo Image

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