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Check out our new videos on the 2017 foals.They are spectacular! We also have new video footage on others.


(Belesemo IBN Trad x Sansational Lady by Sanskrit)

The exact replica of his sire, Belesemo Ibn Trad, this colt will definitely make a name for himself in the future to the wise purchaser. He would be the 3rd generation stallion for our breeding program and if we were younger, this colt would not leave the farm. He is truly sensational and has the makings of a future stallion that will take the sport horse show ring by storm. He has the long legs to mature well over 15.2 hands and be a sensation out on the trail. Colts of his caliber are rarely for sale and we will retain breeding’s to him. He has a sweet, sweet disposition and is totally correct. He is our farm's golden cross of Belesemo Trad and Sanskrit as his grandsires. He will put your breeding program on the map.

Congratulations to Karri Wilson, DVM, of Ohio on her purchase of this "once in a lifetime" colt. We are so excited that Karri has plans to campaign him to national champion endurance stallion. We are anticipating an exciting future for them together.

Belesemo San Valor

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(Sanskrit x Belesema Velveteen by Belesemo Trad)

Phenomenal and irreplaceable are two words to describe this 2016 son of Sanskrit (deceased) and Belesema Velveteen (deceased) by Belesemo Trad. To our knowledge this is the only potential siring son of Sanskrit still intact. There are no other Sanskrit sons producing, and this one is a once in a lifetime colt as Sanskrit is a filly sire percentage wise. There will only be a handful of Sanskrit foals produced from very limited frozen semen. This colt’s photos and pedigree speak volumes for him. His pedigree is irreplaceable as he is out of one of the last producing Belesemo Trad daughters who is a full sister to Belesemo Tradition, a multi-national winning endurance horse and Belesemo Ibn Trad, a multi-national siring stallion as well. His maternal granddam, Velvet Dawn is the most influential dam in the Belesemo breeding program of 30 years. Valor’s conformation is beyond reproach and his movement superb. He could easily be the National Jim Jones winner, a National Champion Sport Horse stallion and a future herd sire that is irreplaceable. We will retain future breedings, as we are no longer capable of taking a young stallion of Valor’s potential to his “sky is the limit” career. Make no mistake, he is the best!

CONGRATULATIONS to Matt & Veronica Stanley of Mountain Home, Idaho, on their acquisition of this outstanding young stallion for their future breeding program. We know we will see them on the trails and heading for the National Jim Jones Award in the future. We are excited to follow their journey!

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x WPTR Amazn Grace)

This fancy, eye catching colt takes everyone's eye that comes to the place. A bay with white trim, he is a full brother to Belesema Majestica owned by Lisanne Dorion of Florida and has the same great potential. This guy is going to be a superstar out on the trail. A sibling to National champion sport horses and endurance horses, he is what our breeding program is all about. Robust and solid, he could be a potential heavyweight horse for the discerning rider. Kindness and curiosity are his disposition trademarks and he will be a wonderful companion for anyone wanting that great trail buddy. We expect great things from him in the future.

Congratulations to Audrey Baldessari, DVM, of Redmond, Washington, on her purchase of Hawk. They will be a super pair out on the trail. He is over the top in all categories. Welcome to the Belesemo Family Audrey!

Belesemo Epic Prince

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(BR Gold Sovereign x Epic Prima Belle by Belesemo Trad)

This outstanding youngster is sired by our 3 X National Top Ten Sport horse stallion and out of one of the last producing Belesemo Trad daughters. His great bone, super laid back shoulder and mellow disposition make him a top choice in the ring or out on the trail. He would be a fantastic future buddy gelding that will go out and get the job done. For someone looking for that future youngster to bring up behind their current competition horse this is the one that should be your choice. He will excel in whatever discipline you wish to take him. He will mature well over 15.1 hands, with heavyweight potential. These horses are becoming more rare in the arabian breed with only 3,000 horses produced last year. We are on track to produce even less this year. Purchasing this youngster now will ensure your continued competition in the future. A coming yearling, he is a great investment for the future.

Belesemo Flash Trad

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(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Mariahsrizingsun)

This HUGE, outstanding look alike Ibn Trad son is an endurance heavyweight horse of the future. He could be your next Jim Jones National Champion as a stallion or a top, top gelding. As a coming two year old, he also has the looks, attitude and conformation to be a top winning National Champion sport horse. Sired by a stallion that has multiple National winning endurance and sport horses and out of a proven, producing mare. With a pedigree that is ¾ CMK breeding and ¼ Russian, this colt has lines that scream both halter and performance. His wonderful movement is breathtaking and visitors to the ranch have oohed and aahed over him. You can’t go wrong with this outstanding youngster if you are looking to the future.

(BR Gold Sovereign X CLL Diva BY SX Dartagnon)

This wonderful youngster will thrill the heart of any young lady with his personable, totally laid back, do anything with me attitude. An almost straight Crabbet pedigree with *Serafix and *Seffer as grandsires, he will be the performance horse supreme with great motion and a great mind. He will excel out on the trail or in the ring with one of the most tractable personalities available. Golden chestnut, with flaxen mane/tail and white socks he is sure to be noticed wherever he goes. A coming yearling, he is a wonderful performance gelding that will mature in the 15.1+ hand range.

(Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon by Sundance Kid V)

This gorgeous black colt could be a herd sire supreme for someone wanting to establish a black breeding program. Fancy and proud, he is the epitome of the "The Black Stallion" books and movies. He could show open Class A or Sport Horse classes easily but also has the breeding to do endurance or trail. He could also compete in the national western pleasure classes similar to his noted grandsire, Sundance Kid V. This colt is an unbelievable investment as a stallion or National Champion gelding. He is totally correct and eye-catching and a sibling to National Champion halter and endurance horses.

Congratulations to Josh & Melissa Stevenson of Spring Creek, Nevada, on their purchase of this outstanding young stallion to be their future herd sire. This is the Stevenson's family's third purchase of a Belesemo horse and we are excited for his future with them carrying on Belesemo lines.


(BR Gold Sovereign x Elijah’s Sukari by Ralvon Elijah)

Wow! This is our first BR Gold Sovereign offspring born in 2016 and out of a 25 yr. Old Ralvon Elijah daughter which increases his fantastic Crabbet percentage lines. An extremely high percentage of these lines was the plan with the breeding and we are not disappointed. This young man’s sire earned 3 U.S. National Top Tens at the 2014 Sport Horse Nationals, in addition to his Regional placings under saddle and In Hand. This young man is descended from Crabbet royalty and he will be a “king” in his own right. The sweetest personality ever epitomizes Eli’s attitude about life and he is a great representative of the next step in the Belesemo Arabians breeding program.

Congratulations to Josh & Melissa Stevenson of Spring Creek, Nevada, and their lovely daughters on the purchase of King Eli as a future trail and riding horse. We are excited to see him become the companion to young ladies and wish them all the best. He is going to be a great family horse.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Mystica)

This wonderful heavily bred CMK yearling colt will be your next future stallion if you are looking to add tried and true bloodlines. With 9 crosses to Abu Farwa and siblings that are already proven winners, this up and coming youngster has the potential to put your breeding program on the map. He will also represent you well in the sport horse ring or the endurance trail with his great legs, top conformation and sparkling personality. Double Belesemo Trad by pedigree, he has a pedigree second to none that will ensure future generations of top "doing" horses. Rarely does a colt of this quality come available for sale. Buy him before we change our mind and keep him as his sire's replacement.

Congratulations to Andrea Parker of Fayetteville, Tennessee, on her purchase of this outstanding young stallion as the foundation sire for her future Crabbett breeding program. We know he will be a hit in future sport horse classes and on the trail.

(Smokin Smart x HCC Toanna)

This 7 year old half-arabian/half-quarterhorse gelding is not our usual offering, but we are proud to assist long time clients in marketing him because we feel he is an outstanding prospect. Sire by a top cutting horse, Smoke is out of a Hyannis Cattle Company mare, making him bred in the purple for performance. Standing 15.2 hands he has the great attitude, feet and conformation necessary for a super endurance career. A stunningly handsome horse he is a solid dark chocolate with great movement. Smoke has been started right by learning to open gates, trail calves, carry buckets, etc. He has his first 50 under his belt and is ready to become someone's special companion. He is a great communicator and loves attention. Special horses like this come along rarely which is why we are proud to offer him on our sales list.


Congratulations to Robert Welch of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, on his purchase of this wonderful heavyweight gelding to start his endurance career. We expect great things from Bob and Smoke in the future and are looking forward to their time on the trail.


Belesema Sans Flame

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(Sanskrit x Cal Flaming Emit)

Phenomenal, unbelievable, breathtaking are adjectives used by visitors to the farm over this wonderful Sanskrit filly. One of the last sired with Sanskrit frozen semen, her future potential has "the sky is the limit" in front of her. Sanskrit offspring need no introduction as to their record in the ring or out on the trail - it is one of the tops. Her dam, Flaming Emit, imported from South America, has a record unparalleled in the endurance world with 11 first place wins and multiple top ten’s and BC’s. She also served as an alternate on the U.S. World Endurance Team. Super long legged, ground eating stride, wonderful laid back shoulder and extreme bone are characteristics of this filly that shout "sure thing" for the future. She loves to run and her long legs indicate she will mature 15.3+ hands. If you want the best, guaranteed not only by her genetics but also by her phenotype this is the one for you. Fillies of this quality are rarely offered to the public for sale. She will bring home the bacon unparalleled.

(BR Gold Sovereign x Forever Rose by National Fame)

This wonderful exciting filly is everything we are looking to breed in temperament, conformation, and "I love people" disposition. She literally prefers humans over other horses and will leave her mother anytime to interact with humans. Beautifully correct, she is going to be a sport horse show horse or trail companion supreme and we just can't say enough wonderful things about her. Her dam is a National Fame daughter out of a Padron daughter and her sire's Crabbett pedigree speaks for itself. The daughter of a 3 X National Top Ten/Regional Champion Sport Horse Champion, this filly has that "look at me attitude" so important in the ring. She is the darling sweetheart of the pasture and can turn it on at will. She won't last longing onour sales list and we are excited for the wonderful future she has in front of her. Action and animation are her hallmarks.

Rosa is back on the market due to unforseen health circumstances that does not allow her new owner to participate in equine activities. This beautiful, remarkable coming 2 year old filly is one of a kind with her absolutely sweet disposition and outstanding conformation.Please contact Peggy or McKenzie Vest at or us at Belesemo Arabians for current video of photos of her.

Belesema Black Dancer

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(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Replika by Belesemo Farwa)

This fabulous yearling black filly is one that will go somewhere in her life. Sired by Belesemo Obsidian, top sire of National Champion Sport horses and good endurance offspring, this filly is out of Belesema Replika, the PNER Sophomore Endurance Horse of the Year. She has strong lines for both endurance and sport horse, with *WItez II and Abu Farwa up close in her pedigree. She has a wonderful trot and her disposition is to die for. Her black coloring out of a chestnut mare makes her all the more special. We know she will have a great future in whatever discipline her new owner chooses to take her. She will mature in the 15.1+ hand range and has wonderful conformation with great bone. She is a special one on our sales list and has a fantastic future.

Belesema Sans Skylark
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(Sanskrit x Belesema Sacajawea by BA Fantizon)

If pedigrees were dreams and an indicator of future glory, this 2016 filly will be a sure superstar. Sired by Sanskrit (deceased) and out of a mare sired by the National Jim Jones Champion Stallion, BA Fantizon (deceased), this filly’s future is guaranteed. The culmination of a 30 year breeding program, her pedigree is loaded with heavyweight endurance winners. Besides the Sanskrit reputation for producing top endurance horses, her grandsire and granddam on her dam’s side represent several thousand heavyweight AERC miles. This filly also has the looks and attitude to compete in the show ring as well with the huge eyes, dished face and wonderful conformation these horses are known for. She will not last long on our sales list and is the epitome of a 30 year breeding program.

(Sanskrit x Belesema Khandy Khiss by Belesemo Ibn Trad)

It doesn’t get any better than this. There will only be a handful of the celebrated endurance sire Sanskrit offspring available for sale, especially combining the blood of Sanskrit and Belesemo Trad. Opportunity knocks in this fabulous grey two year old filly that is going to be a 15.2+ hand, run down the trail mare. Her dam is the well-known Belesema Khandy Khiss, AERC National Pioneer Mileage Champion and multiple regional champion with over 2,700 AERC miles. The rest of her pedigree screams multiple endurance champions as well. This smooth bodied, straight legged, eye catching filly is one of the best and is bred with royalty. She is a sibling to Tevis and AERC National Champion horses. Can it get any better than this? She is absolutely superb! Our Sanskirt offspring are not cheap. They are one of a kind - there won’t be any more of these individuals.

Congratulations to Jeanne Chapman of Black Forest, Colorado, on the purchase of this once in a life time filly. This dynamic duo will be a force to be reckoned with in the future as they shoot for Decade Team. We are excited to follow them.

Belesema Bint Spice
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(Belesemo IBN Trad x Sans Spice by Sanskrit)

This wonderful coming 3 year old mare is the one we said we would never part with. She is the Trad/Sanskrit cross and her wonderful bone, disposition and attitude assure her a place in the record books. We retained her for our future breeding herd but she needs to go out and make her mark in the the world. Sweet disposition with great bone and attitude she is worth of her breeding. She is not cheap, but she will be the world beater for the person wanting a decade team partner. It will take a very special individual for us to part with her as she is her dam's replacement in our breeding herd.

Belesema Joyous Filly
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(Om El Bandeiras x HK Mona Lisa)

A Russian/El Shaklan cross, this wonderful 11 year old, 16 hand mare is easy to ride, has been on cattle round ups, and been shown Hunter jumper with a 19 year old girl. She has completed three 50 mile endurance rides and has been ridden weekly this winter on Endurance training rides. She loads, ties and gets along easily with other horses, living in a herd environment. She could do an LD or 50 mile ride tomorrow with a competent rider. She has also been ridden on a couple of cattle roundups and local hunter jumper shows. Although she is not Belesemo bred, she is client owned and offered, and has had many conditioning rides. She is currently located in the Salt Lake City area. Her owner is only selling her due to several other horses he is currently riding.

Belesema Joyous Filly
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This fabulous half Arabian mare is sired by a registered quarterhorse and out of a purebred Arabian mare. Coming 11 years old, she stands14.3 hands tall and can pack riders of any size. Everything has been done on this horse. Pack trips, cattle round ups, team sorting, which she is very good at. She has also done very well at reining, participated in parades, done buffalo roundups, and pulls kids on sleds. All her feet are super hard black hooves. She has not done any endurance but could be ridden in an LD tomorrow. She has just not been pointed towards endurance because the owner has other, more specific endurance horses. But she is the owner’s go to horse for anything and everything else. Client owned and offered, contact us for more information.

Belesema Joyous Filly
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(BR Gold Sovereign x Belesema Joyous by Belesemo Magic)

Exquisite and breathtaking describe this heavy CMK solid chestnut filly with heavy Abu Farwa, *Serafix and *Seffer bloodlines. A beautiful head and expression are her trademarks along with total correct conformation and a laid back personality to die for. This filly will do her breeding proud in the show ring or out on the trail with tremendous presence and attitude and be your “in the pocket”horse as well. She will surpass her 3 X National Champion sire in the show ring and with *Seffer and Belesemo Magic as her grandsires her future is assured. She is an absolute treasure!


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(Sanskrit x Belesema Mystica by Belesemo Trad)

This exciting, huge chestnut filly is our golden cross of Sanskrit on one of our last direct, Belesemo Trad daughters. It doesn't get any better than this. Her conformation and breeding are superb. She is a sibling to many, many national champions in both the sport horse ring and out on the endurance trail. One of the last Sanskrit direct offspring, her breeding is irreplaceable. She will mature in the 15.2+ hand range and be a heavyweight horse supreme. Along with her fabulous beauty and wonderful personality she has a wonderful disposition. She is not one we should part with due to her irreplaceable bloodlines and the probability that she is her dam's last foal, but we would like to see her make her mark in the world. The wise horseman will snap this yearling up before we change our mind.

Belesema Cameelia

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(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Meena by El Shermann)

This fabulous black bay possibly turning grey filly is extreme in the "everything" department. Not only does she have fabulous conformation, smooth body, pop eyes and a neck to die for, but her "go for it" attitude says everything about her future on the trail. A full sister to Belesema Ameelia owned by Cherie Garewahl this filly will have the same great potential for a fabulous future. She is another of our great Belesemo Trad/El Shaklan crosses and will mature in the 15.2 hand range with potential to be a heavyweight horse. If you want a horse that will command everyone's attention this yearling filly is it.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x WPTR Amazn Grace)

This absolutely gorgeous, coming yearling grey filly is world class.  With her long neck, beautiful face and eyes she could be a show horse supreme, but her pedigree screams endurance. She is sired by Belesemo Ibn Trad, noted sire of Scottsdale, National Sport Horse and Pioneer Award winners.  Her dam is a pure Polish mare with close to 1500 AERC miles to her credit, including 12 Top Tens. This filly has fabulous movement and with her grace and elegance will mature well over 15 hands.  She is truly majestic and a sure thing for the competitor wanting an up and coming future star.

Congratulations to Lisanne Dorion of Williston, Florida, on her acquisition of this fantastic yearling filly sired by Belesemo Ibn Trad. We can't wait to see her out on the trail with Lisanne and campaigned in future national and world level endurance rides.

belesema sans salena

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(Sanskrit x Best Actress by Regal Actor)

This amazing two year old filly is a full sister to Belesema Mona Lisa purchased by Carlos Llermos of Columbia, South America, and in training with John Crandell as a future endurance mare for Carlos' program in Columbia. This filly is just as spectacular with all of the same potential, both trail and show ring wise. There will be very few Sanskrit offspring offered for sale and her stellar pedigree alone makes her a diamond. With a dam that is a regional show champion mare, and siblings that are highly noted on the endurance trail this filly has all the qualifications to be a superstar. Beautiful features, spectacular trot, and winning personality make her the purchase of a life time.

CONGRATULATIONS to Reneyah Diener of Calgary, Canada, on the purchase of this outstanding young filly. This is Reyneyah’s second purchase of a Belesemo Horse and we so enjoyed her visit from Calgary while picking out Selena. We expect great things from them on the trail in the future.

Belesema Black Velvet

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(Belesemo Obsidian x Midnight Lyric)

A sensational two year old solid black filly, this black diamond will take you anywhere you want to go from the endurance trail to the show ring with her correct conformation and sweet attitude. She is a sibling to Reserve National and Top Ten Sport Horses, in addition to endurance horses currently making a name for themselves out on the trail. She will be able to do it all and is one we would keep, but unfortunately we can’t keep them all. She represents the best of the Belesemo program and is 3 generations deep in our breeding. She is one of the few non-Belesemo Trad bred fillies on the place so would be an outstanding cross on Belesemo Trad bloodlines for someone wanting to breed her after her career. Her black genes are several generations deep if you are looking for top rare, black breeding as well.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lynn Nichols of New Meadows, Idaho, on the purchase of this wonderful black filly to be her future trail horse. We know that Velvet has a fantastic “forever” home with Lynn and will fulfill her trail destiny with Lynn.

Belesema Black Velvet

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(TA Tomahawk x Epic Prima Belle by Belesemo Trad)

This fabulous moving Ben Rabba/Belesemo Trad mare is the broodmare everyone is looking for if you want to breed wonderful CMK foals. She has had one fantastic foal so far but is unfortunately being passed over here in our broodmare band for older mares we are wanting to breed. Rather than waste her and not allow her to breed to her full potential, we decided to offer her for sale to the discriminating purchaser. She has over 200 AERC endurance miles on her but we are selling her as a broodmare only which is where her interests lie. She can be sold bred to any Belesemo stallion for 2018. If you want a wonderful CMK mare to round out or start your breeding program, here she is.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Cal Flaming Emit)

This beautiful, solid, up and coming yearling is headed to the top with her breeding and future potential. Her dam is imported from South America and was an alternate for the World Endurance Team with 11 - 1st place wins and multiple Top Tens and BC's. Her sire is a well known sire of multiple champion endurance and sport horses, including Scottsdale winners, Pioneer Award winners and many more. This filly is a 3/4 sibling to Belesema Sapphire that sold to South America and is currently in training with John Crandell. She will mature well over 15 hands with great bone and beautiful movement, she is a sure thing for any endurance or sport horse enthusiast wanting the best.

Congratulations to Heather & Jeremy Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida, on the purchase of this outstanding yearling filly sired by Belesemo Ibn Trad and out of Cal Flaming Emit, a mare they once campaigned to an alternate on the World Endurance Team. We know this filly is going to have a phenomenal future in their hands and we are looking forward to watching for her.

Belesema Sans Angel

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(Sanskrit x RCF Angelica by Aladdinn Echo)

This fabulous, robust 2016 Sanskrit daughter is the sleeper on our sales list. She is a dark grey that will turn into a beautiful dapple and be stunning in the show ring or out on the trail. She is one of the most correct horses we have seen with totally straight legs, black feet and just outstanding conformation. She will mature well over 15.2 hands and will be a potential heavyweight horse. She is a sibling to multiple endurance winners including two 2016 Tevis Cup Top 12 horses and AHA National Champion 100 mile horse. The Sanskrit horses are noted both in the showring and out on the endurance trail. Her dam is an experienced race horse placing in 6 out of 7 starts. There is no surer bet when looking at potential bloodlined horses. There are only a very few Sanskrit offspring available. If you are looking for the sure thing this filly will be it.


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(Om El Shattakhan x Sher-Tiki Doll by El Sherman)

This beautiful, huge grey mare will be a competitor supreme out on the endurance trail. 15.2 hands, large feet, great bone are her trademarks. She is a mare we brought in for our breeding program, but due to limiting our breeding's here the next few years we would love to see her out on the trail and returned to us when her endurance career is over. She is currently unbroke, but we are having her put under saddle this spring. She is coming 7 years old and ready to hit the trail once she is started under saddle. She has a wonderful temperament and people disposition. Triple *El Shaklan she has the size and bone that we want in our breeding mares.

CONGRATULATIONS to Gordon and Cherie Garewahl of Descanso, Caliornia, on their purchase of this wonderful heavyweight trail mare. This is their second horse from Belesemo Arabians and we know she has a great endurance future ahead of her.

(Belesemo Image x Belesema Excella by Zirah Shartan)

This very large, correct filly is the epitome of our CMK breeding program. With 8 crosses to Abu Farwa and a sire that has produced many great endurance horses, including the infamous “Belesemo Dude”, aka Dudley of Equestrian Vagabond fame, this filly will go far. She has already garnered the attention of noted endurance riders and will be able to show sport horse classes as well. She has an absolutely wonderful “take me into your house” attitude as was evidenced by her appearance at the Idaho Horse Expo at just 2 weeks old, where she “wowed” the non-arabian crowed and won many hearts. She will be a fantastic companion to her new owner. It is the wise purchaser who considers her as their next great endurance or sport horse prospect.

Congratulations to long time client Sue Robinson of Ramona, California, on her purchase of  the future in Belesema Acadia.  Sue has ridden many years in endurance and this filly is her future endurance and sport horse.  Acadia will have a great future in Sue's hands.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Meena by El Sherman)

This full bodied, gorgeous bay yearling filly is bred to be a performance machine. With her beautiful face and eyes and correct conformation she could be a sport horse supreme. However, she also has the mind and attitude of a great athlete that could perform well out on the trail. Her bloodlines include Belesemo Trad and *El Shaklan, and she has the ability to be a foundation broodmare upon retirement from her performance career. She will mature at leats 15.1+ and her personality is typical of the Belesemo horses. We expect great things from her in the future.

Congratulation to Cherie and Gordon Garewal of Descanso, California, on their purchase of his/her horses from Belesemo Arabians. Gordon received the hvywt. gelding Zyxxz as his anniversary present from Cheri and Cheri received the beautiful yearling filly Belesemo Ameelia from Gordon. We are excited to watch this husband/wife duo on Belesemo Arabians in the future.

(Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon by Sundance Kid V)

This coal black, “I’m a person, not a horse” coming yearling filly, is the dream horse all little girls envision. She will leave the herd anywhere to seek out humans and truthfully has the sweetest personality of any horse we have come into contact with. Satin is a sibling to Reserve National and Top Ten Sport Horses but could also be the trail companion everyone is seeking because of her bonded human personality. She will mature around 15.1 and her pedigree is a CMK/Polish cross of Belesemo on Varian bloodlines. She will be an eye catcher no matter where she goes and has the bloodlines to do well in any type of performance and/or halter event. She is several generations deep in black breeding and will definitely be a black producer in the future herself.

CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine Wabel-Betz of Sandy, Utah, on her purchase of this outstanding black filly by Belesemo Obsidian and PNA Lakhota Rose. We are excited that she and Elaine are going to go down the trail together in the future and will have many adventures together. Welcome Elaine to the Belesemo Family.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Excella)

This fantastic filly is one that will make your heart go bump. Amazing presence, people personality and great size are all attributes that make her the pick of the farm when visitors come to call. Absolutely straight legs, extreme bone and top feet are just some of her attributes as well as her unusual sabino coloring. She will be eye catching both out on the trail or in the ring, and will be a top competitor in both areas. Her siblings are already sweeping up honors in both the sport horse world as well as out on the trail. She will mature well over 15.2 hands.

Congratulations to Tamera Baysinger of Caldwell, Idaho. This is Tamera's second horse from Belesemo Arabians. We expect great things from them in the future.

(Sanskrit x Best Actress by Regal Actor)

This fabulous filly is not only gorgeous but will have great size, wonderful legs and body and will be at home in the show ring or out on the trail. Her million dollar face with large eyes is the epitome of type in today's show ring and her breeding will make her at home in show ring performance or out on the trail. This filly is world class and her price reflects her quality. She is a sibling to multiple national champion endurance and sport horses and will follow in their steps. For someone wanting the creme de la creme of our foal crop, she is it.

Congratulations to Carlos Llermos of Columbia, South America on his purchase of this once in a lifetime filly. We expect great things in the future from this filly and know she will be a foundation broodmare for Carlos in her new country.

(Sanskrit x Belesema Velveteen by Belesemo Trad)

This coming 2 yr. Old filly is one that will make a supreme purebred arabian pony in the future for a youngster or adult harness/cart situation. The surviving result of an unexpected set of twins, her beautiful chestnut coloring with flaxen mane/tail will make her a standout in the showring. We predict she will mature to 14 hands due to her rough start in life, but she an absolutely beautiful face and eyes with great conformation and good attitude. We have her priced right for the home that will give her the love she deserves. Her breeding is some of the best in the breed.

We are so pleased that the Stevenson family from Nevada are also purchasing Belesema Sans Velvet to go with King Eli. The grandparents, Arvel & Sharon Stevenson were original clients and friends of ours over 25 years ago and we are excited that the second and third generation of Stevensons are carrying on. Congratulations to all of you!

(Belesemo Magic x Cal's Flaming Emit by Flaming Tigre)

This bold, upright 3 year old mare is headed to the top with her fabulous pedigree. Her dam is imported from South America and was an alternate for the World Endurance Team with 11- 1st place wins and multiple Top Tens and BC's. Her sire is a well known sire of multiple endurance horses, making this filly's pedigree one of the most unique and guaranteed young trail horses available. If you are wanting to bet on a sure future, this filly is the one. She currently stands 15.2 hands and will be a potential heavyweight horse. She is a horse for the serious endurance competitor.

Congratulations to Carlos Llermos of Columbia, South America, on his purchase of this outstanding young mare. She is currently in training with John Crandell in Virginia and we expect to see great things from her out on the trail with her breeding and abilities.

(Belesemo Magic x Antyfa by Skowronek's Antez)

This coming 6 yr. old mare has some of the last, best CMK bloodlines available. Sired by Belesemo Magic and out of the last, living 100% Kellogg mare, “Tigger” has the pedigree to excel out on the trail. Standing 14.2 hands she will be a lightweight rider's dream horse. She is a sibling to multiple endurance horses that are currently out on the trail doing extremely well, including Belesema Tayyara and Belesema Anna. We haven't had a chance to start her under saddle yet, so have her priced right for the rider who is not afraid of taking a young horse and starting them down the trail. She is one of the sleeper's on our sales list. There will be no more Belesemo Magic daughters.

Congratulations to Kenneth Moore of Farmington, New Mexico, on his purchase of "Tigger" in foal to Belesemo IBN Trad. We are excited that Ken has choosen Tigger to preserve and produce outstanding CMK bloodlines for the future. She joins his other Belesmo Magic daughter, Belesema Annetta for two power house CMK mares.

(Belesemo Obsidian x Halima Phanneko)

This exquisite, coming 7 year old, one of a kind black filly will be a show filly / mare supreme. Attitude and "look at me" presence insures her place in the world's show rings and new owner's heart. Ultra classic and super movement makes her the black everyone is looking for. If black is your passion, this Crabbet/ Egyptian cross filly will steal your heart. One of the few blacks of this caliber currently available she could show on an international level, as well as excel out on the trail. Black Lady is going well under saddle down the trail and will be the great trail horse everyone is looking for. She will also be a standout in the showring.

CONGRATULATIONS to Alexia Maresi of Sun Valley, Idaho, on the purchase of this wonderful Belesemo Obsidian daughter. Lady is destined for the trails and mountains of Sun Valley and is Alexia’s second purchase of a Belesemo horse, the first being Fad Alleluia+ 32 years ago who had over 3,000 miles and 59 of 59 completions. We know Lady is in great hands!

(Belesemo Magic x Mariah'srisingsun by MM Global)

This beautiful headed 4 year old filly is one of the last Belesemo Magic daughters that everyone is seeking out. She is fabulous in conformation and structure and will be not only a great competitor, but also a wonderful broodmare for anyone interested in breeding her in the future. She is a sibling to Tevis, Big Horn and 5-day completion horses. Her bloodlines are some of the best, with multiple lines to Abu Farwa and some Russian breeding. With Moment's ground covering trot, smooth body, and chiseled head, she could be the foundation mare of a great breeding program as well as a a great competition horse.


Congratulations to Kimberly Naugle of Antioch, California, on her purchase of this fabulous Belesemo Magic daughter. This mare will be the super future companion that Kimberly is looking for on trails and her future search and rescue horse. We are excited to have Moment in Kimberly's hands.

(NV Elite by Beh Shah x PNA Galaxie Rose)

This gorgeous Bey Shah granddaughter has extreme movement, face and that wonderful Bey Shah “look at me” attitude. A Crabbet/Polish cross pedigree makes her a wonderful future broodmare as well as a top prospect in dressage or hunter. She has been shown in the past and been a Class A Grand Champion Mare. She has the typical Bey Shah pop eyes and face and stands over 15 hands. She is also sweepstakes nominated for producing sweepstakes foals, and is foal in to Belesemo IBN Trad for 2017.

CONGRATULATIONS to Diane Butler of Millville, California, on her purchase of the NV Elite daughter, PNA Sierrah Rose in foal to Belesemo Ibn Trad for 2018. Diane owned NV Elite years ago and we are excited that this wonderful mare will join her program along with adding Belesemo blood for the future.

(BA Fantizon x Almost Paradyze)

This beautiful dapple grey mare is sired by a national champion endurance stallion out of a winning endurance mare that has produced noted endurance offspring as well. Originally bred and sold by Belesemo Arabrians, Sax suffered a career ending endurance injury but could be lightly trail ridden. Currently 12 yrs. Old she would be ideal for anyone wanting to start a top endurance breeding program. Her beautiful face and eyes along with her wonderful legs and feet make her a top breeding prospect. She foaled a fabulous Sanskrit (deceased) filly in 2016 - Belesema Sans Skylark. She is in foal to Belesemo IBN Trad for 2018.

(National Fame x Pommery by Padron)

This 11 year old 15.1 hand National Fame daughter is an awe inspiring moving machine. She could go in the showring or out on the trail. She is ready to be started under saddle and will make a phenomenal broodmare as well. Large bodied, excellent legs and feet, with national champions galore in her pedigree, she is a definite show off. She will make an impression where ever she goes. Rose foaled a stunning bay Belesemo IBN Trad colt for 2015 that found a new home in Maine with Monica McKenna. She also foaled a stunning 2017 chestnut filly by BR Gold Sovereign. She will be re bred to BR Gold Sovereign for 2019.

(Regal Actor JP x Sanadika El Shaklan)

This stunning 13 yr. old bay mare is a Region V Reserve Grand Champion halter mare. Standing 15.1+ hands she is a show mare supreme and worthy of being the foundation mare for any breeding program. Wonderful body, legs, and feet are her trade mark with a truly classic head. Client owned and offered, she is not cheap but well worth her asking price, as she has a stunning 2014 bay Sanskrit filly on her side shown above. This filly has three crosses to EL Shaklan and is absolutely phenomenal. Pictures and video of filly to come. She produced a fabuolus filly by Sanskrit (deceased) for 2016 for a full sibling to the spectacular Belesema Mona Lisa - recently sold to South America. She is back in foal Sanskrit for a fabulous full sibling.

(Sundance Kid V x Impressions Onyx)

The beautiful black mare is indicative of her Varian Breeding and will be a top producer in the right hands. She has wonderful movement, great legs and feet and has already been a Reserve Grand Champion halter mare. Lakhota stands 15.2+ and has large, dark eyes with great neck and show ring attitude. She could be a great dressage horse or broodmare for the person wanting to “go all the way”. She is the tent personality that everyone looks for in their broodmares. She has several lines to black and is also sweepstakes nominated. Lakhota foaled a fabulous black colt for 2017 that has been sold.


BELESEMO TRAD – (Las Trad x Alla Mem) – Deceased
BELESEMO EPIC+++/ -  (Belesemo Trad x Khezzara by Mar-Khe)
BELESEMO MAGIC – (Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga’zi) - Deceased
BELESEMO IMAGE – (Belesemo Trad x Farweynea by Antezeyn Skowronek)
BELESEMO IBN TRAD – (Belesemo Trad x Velvet Dawn)
BELESEMO FARWA – (Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza by Abu Farwa) -Deceased
BELESEMO OBSIDIAN – (RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)
SANSKRIT - (*El Shaklan x KA Samantha) -Deceased
RD ARIZON – (Perlezon x NaWarda by Comar Garit) – Deceased
BA FANTIZON – (RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia by *Barich de Washoe)- Deceased


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