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(RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)

Obsidian was our Ferzon line stallion who contributed to our bredding prgram after the death of his sire RD Arizon. Obsidian was a Class A Reserve Grand Champion Futurity Stallion and the Idaho Breeder's Champion Futurity Stallion at halter. He was a paternal sibling to National Champion endurance stallion BA Fantizon, and out of the same dam as AERC National Champion Belesemo Tradition, making him both a maternal and paternal sibling to AERC champions. He was a wonderful sire for Belesemo Arabians and great contributor of our black gene.


He sired halter, pleasure driving, and trail winners, which included the following:

  • El Ghaddei Habibi - US Reserve National Champion Sport Horse Yearling Colt, Class A Champion, Both Open & ATH.
  • Belesema Star Ebony - 535 AERC Miles to Date, 11 Completions of 12 Rides
  • Belesemo Geronimo - SWIT&DR Rookie Horse of the Year, Senior Top Five LD Horse & Rider, 335 Miles, 13 Completions of 13 Rides
  • Belesemo Onyx - 80 AERC Miles to Date, 3 Completions of 3 Rides

(Belesemo Trad x Farweyna by Antezyn Skowronek)
1991 to 2018

Belesemo Image was a fabulous Belesemo Trad son whose foals proved the strength of his CMK heritage. Standing 15.2 hands with the "look of Trad", he possessed an old line CMK/Davenport pedigree that featured close-up breeding with wonderful old time lineage. At his passing, he might have been the last offspring of a direct Antezeyn Skowronek daughter. Image added great strength to our program with his size, trot and beautiful liver chestnut coloring. He was a great sire with 27 foals to his credit and he perpetuated the Trad legacy. His foals inherited his size and substance and are receiving rave reviews from their owners.

Several of his offspring are currently competing on the endurance trail such as:

Belesema Natasha+
3055 AERC endurance miles
AERC National Pioneer Award Champion - 5th
AERC 3000 mile medallion
Legion of Merit
12 Top Ten ride placings

Belesema Anna
1965 AERC endurance miles
2014 AHA National Champion 50 mile Top Ten
2017 AHA National Champion 50 mile Top Ten
14 Top Ten ride placings

Belesema Trad Mark
1690 AERC Miles
AERC National Husband/ Wife Team
Champion - 9th

LJ Owhyee Opal
745 AERC endurance miles
2017 AHA National Champion 100 mile Top Ten

Bethany Emma
630 AERC endurance miles
10 Top Ten ride placings
Western Dressage Scores - high 60's

Belesemo Dude
870 AERC endurance miles
5 Top Ten ride placings
Sometime Star of the the Equestrienne Vagabond Blog


Belesemo Trad at 8

Belesemo Trad at 21

Trad and buggy

(Las Trad x Alla Mem)
AHR #89350
1972 - 1997

Belesemo Trad was our foundation stallion at Belesemo Arabians for over 20 years. (Photos at right: Trad, ages 8 and 21)

Trad was a multiple winner in six different divisions, both Class A and Open in Halter, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Native Costume, Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination. He has sired horses holding 4 National AERC titles, multiple AERC Top Tens and numerous Regional Championships in points, mileage and Best Condition titles. Trad's endurance winners also hold Wendell Robie Award winners, fastest time on the Outlaw Trail, Pioneer and Bill Stuckey Award standings in addition to numerous other titles. He has also sired Class A Show Champions, State Hi-Point winners, Futurity winners, and 3-Day Event winners.

"Trad" horses are widely known for their excellent recovery rates, soundness, conformation, depth of heart girth, and their "going down the trail" attitude. Trad's reputation continues on in his highly sought after sons and daughters, and now his grandget. Our breeding program currently includes 10 direct daughters and 4 direct sons of Belesemo Trad.

(Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga'Zi)

Liver Chestnut - 15 hands. Magic was not shown due to injury but has produced outstanding offspring that are excelling in both the show ring and out on the trail. Magic is one of our Trad sons that assumed the mantle of heir apparent in our breeding program. With 4 close crosses to Abu Farwa, he produced the "look and ability of Trad." His pedigree was one of the finest CMK old line pedigrees as Magic is out of a Ga'zi daughter. Magic was becoming known for producing size and substance with great beauty. He has produced halter as well as performance horses such as: Belesema Rosetta - 1,835 AERC miles and Belesema Tayyara - 1155 miles and 2010 & 2011 Tevis Cup finisher.

Magic is a paternal sibling to AERC and Sport Horse National Champions.

(*El Shaklan x KA Samantha) grey -16 hands

Halter Champion
Endurance Top Tens
First Place Level 1 Dressage
Native Costume Winner
Sweepstakes nominated

We were excited to add this legendary stallion to our herd as an out cross for our Belesemo Trad and Belesemo Magic daughters. In addition to a thrilling endurance and show career, Sans sired numerous offspring winning in both endurance and show ring - sport horse and main ring. Sans sired some fantastic horses in the short three years we were able to use him. We still have some frozen semen for use in the future. Watch for the Sanskirt youngsters with Belesemo in front of their names on the trail in the future.

We wish to thank Dee and Victor Matlock for allowing us to acquire this phenomenal stallion. Watch for a new page dedicated to his winning offspring. 

(RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia)

BA Fantizon was bred by Belesemo Arabians and owned by Kismet Arabians of Colorado who took him to his fantastic national wins. Fantizon was a National Champion Endurance Stallion, Class A Halter and Most Classic Head winner. Zoni sired several national champion AERC offspring such as:

  • Belesemo Impresario - National Pioneer Award LW - 1,760 miles 
  • Kismet Fandansk - 4,745 miles - 3rd National Champion Pioneer Award and 2nd SW Region Points winner.

We currently have foals available sired by this RD Arizon son and out of Belesemo Trad daughters on our sales list. For additional information, see endurance page.For current breeding information on "Zoni" contact his owners Ralph & JoAnn Kewish at


BA Fantizon

RD Arizon
RD Arizon show

(Perlezon x Na Warda)
1976 - 1999

Arizon was a multiple winner in Most Classic Head, Halter, Western Pleasure & English Pleasure, He is the sire of both halter and performance winners, including some fantastic upcoming endurance winners.

The sire of a National Jim Jones Stallion Award winner, Arizon's offspring are making themselves known on the Endurance scene. The cross of RD Arizon sons on Trad daughters is becoming one of our best.

Overlook Farwa

(Abu Farwa x Al Marah Zaibaq)
AHR #59738
1969 - 1998

Another important element to our breeding program was Overlook Farwa. The last breeding son of Abu Farwa, Overlook left us some outstanding performance lines in his sons and daughters to carry on in our program.

Overlook was a U.S. National Champion Cutting horse that bred on his great bone, feet and substance. Farwa sired halter and performance winners both pure and part bred.

For many years Overlook was a great ambassador for the arabian breed on the open cutting circuit and bred many quarter horse mares which was the highest tribute paid to him by fellow performance enthusiasts.

His pedigree combined both Gulastra and Skowronek blood making him the perfect compliment for our performance pedigrees. Overlook's blood can be found in our breeding program through his precious daughters and one son.

(Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza by Abu Farwa)
1990 - 2012

Farwa was a last piece of living CMK history as he was the youngest tail female Abu Farwa grandson in the world. His dam, Miss Nateza was the last living Abu Farwa daughter,out of a Witez II daughter and foaled him at age 27. Farwa was a paternal sibling to AERC and Sport Horse National Champions. Farwa is the sire of several endurance winning offspring, including Belesema Replika - 3000 miles, 41 rides - 41 completions, Sandybaar award winner, PNER Sophomore horse, and Belesemo Fire Flame, currently on the endurance trail with Correy Clinton, New Mexico . Farwa's genetic greatness will be sorely missed in the breeding program.

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